iPage Review – Not The Best Hosting But a Great Deal!

What is the cheapest iPage discount?

iPage is significantly cheaper than BlueHost and HostGator. The cheapest price is $3.50/month but sometimes they will go lower to $2.95 (usually in the weekends and public holidays.).

iPage $2.95

iPagecan be reached at www.ipage.com

Is iPage the Best Web Hosting?

I believe iPage is not in the same class of BlueHost and HostGator. It is not the best but base on the price you are paying, it is actually a good deal!

Is iPage a successful company?

One of the reason why iPage must be listed here is because it is a big company. It has a large customer base and is currently ranking  at #1,957 based on Alexa. Most web hosts couldn't even reach the 4 digit mark. For example, while growing fast and strong, GreenGeeks is only ranking at #17,499. LunarPages, a web host in business for more than 10 years is still ranking behind at #7,074. iPage must be doing something right to grow that big so it cannot be neglected.

iPage Alexa

Does iPage offer anytime money back guarantee?

AnytimeYes! This is the biggest reason why even if they are not as good as BlueHost and HostGator, I am still willing to give them my money. They will give you a full refund if you cancel you account for the first 30 days. If you cancel after that, you can still get a partial refund of your unused tenure! That means if iPage is really getting worse, I can flee and get my money back. I was greedy last time and had signup for an extra cheap $2.95 account but never got the chance to really use it. So I cancel it more than a year later and ask for a money back. The process took less than 3 days and I really got my partial refund back! They don't even ask me why I want to cancel the account.  

Why you should subscribe at least 24 months?

Like all other web hosts, you get the discount price for the first payment term only. You will need to renew at the regular price after that. This is how the whole industry is working right now, they try to lure new customer in by huge discount and make money from them with the regular renewal price later.

The regular pricing for iPage is $8.95 for 12-month, $7.95 for 24-month and $6.95 for 36-month. Since you are protected by anytime money back guarantee, you should lock in the low price now. Even 36 months at $2.95 cost only $106.20! I won't hesitate to take up 36 months.

How do they make money charging so little?

They make money when you renew, but it will be a long time from now. But if you are an iPage customer, you will see lots of add-ons and partnership programs being offered to you. For example, when they say they are giving your $100 Google Adwords credits, they don't really give up $100. It was Google who is giving you and on top of that, they will get paid some money from Google for referring new client to them! There are many similar partnership, some require you to pay a fee and some works just like Google Adwords. By leveraging their huge customer base, they can really negotiate good deals with their partners.

They are also selling many extra services such as private domain registrations, premium backup and restore, sitelock, etc. All these will add to their profits. However, I didn't use any of them.

Is iPage the right host for you?

I have setup accounts with iPage because I cannot resist the price. When it is only $2.95/month, it cost me only $70.80 for 24 month of hosting! HostGator would have cost me more than twice at $161.10 even after 25% discount. So money does rule sometimes. I am sure HostGator is better but is it twice better? Is what iPage lacking really a no-go for me. Are those what I can cope with?

How is iPage customer support?

While it offer the same channels to contact support, i.e. live chat, email/ticket and phone, the quality is different when you compare to the top hosts such as BlueHost. It is obvious that email are responded slower. But nevertheless they are still able to handle the issue well.  I did call in to speak to them and they do pick up quickly and they spoke very good English.

But the live chat is really not that interesting. You can try it. It seems to me that the staff handling the live chat are different than the one handling email and phone. They sometimes have problem answering simple questions, or need some time to dig for the answer while you are waiting online. And they also have lower English level because sometimes they seems to confuse or misunderstand what I was asking. So I believe they might have outsource their live chat support.

Knowing this, I expect myself to use phone or email instead of live chat. I also expect myself to wait a little longer for them to reply to my email. I don't contact support on a daily basis, not even monthly or an entire year if my site is running well. I am 100% sure I can accept that.

Another thing that need improvement in their help center. I like to call it the knowledgebase instead. There is too little self service information published. For example, if you need a dedicated IP for your account and you want to know the price, the information is not there. You can't even search for domain renewal price and more information on private domain registration. Where else if you are using BlueHost or HostGator, these information can be easily obtained from their knowledgebase. There are also far less tutorials compare to BlueHost and HostGator. With a weak knowledgebase, that means you need to contact support more often, which means more time wasted.

What control panel is iPage using?

vDeck First you must know that iPage is not using cPanel, the #1 web hosting control panel. They are using vDeck. They are many web hosts that are using vDeck too. And due to lack of competition in the control panel and the demise of many smaller players, vDeck actually arise to become the #2 used control panel after all these years!

To be fair to vDeck, in most control functions such as email and database management, they perform flawlessly just like cPanel. Everything that I used to be doing at cPanel, I have no problem doing it with vDeck. The only one feature that I miss is the powerful file manager of cPanel. vDeck does have a file manager but it is just a basic one.

How is the server reliability?

So far so good. I have not encounter any downtime or slowness.

Does iPage offer a script installer? Can I install WordPress?

Yes! They have purchased the license to use SimpleScripts from BlueHost! So now you will have the same script installer as BlueHost. As of today, SimpleScripts allows you install 80 scripts including WordPress. Click here for the complete list.

Does iPage offer cron jobs?

Cron jobsvDeck is also missing the feature of cron jobs management. Cron is required by some scripts to do routine function such as checking for upgrades, purge comment spams, perform backups, etc. But many scripts have now created a solution (usually called poor man's cron)  to solve the issue. What it does is that instead of waiting for the cron timer to trigger the jobs, it will check to see if it is time to perform the jobs when someone load your website. This will work as long as there are visitors to your website. Say if you set the cron to perform at 1pm, if a visitor hit your site at 1:30pm, your jobs will be performed. The next visitor will not trigger the jobs until it is after 1pm again. It will be late but most jobs do not need critical timing.

Does iPage offer SSH?

iPage does not offers SSH. But this is not a problem for me also because I found this little script known as PHP Shell that can mimic a web-based SSH for me!

Someone says iPage owns FatCow! Is FatCow recommended?

   Yes, both iPage and FatCow are sister companies. So we can assume that you will be getting the same service because they have the same management, servers and support staff. Other than the slight difference in pricing, the biggest difference between iPage and FatCow is that iPage offers anytime money back guarantee but FatCow does not. What this means is that if you cancel your FatCow account after 30 days, you cannot get a single cent back if you cancel your account. Where else with iPage you can get your unused portion back. Do not sign up with FatCow blindly even it can be cheaper sometime. The anytime money back guarantee is a great insurance if iPage goes downhill one day.

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