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How popular and successful is InMotion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting is actually in business longer than BlueHost and HostGator. They didn't grow as big but they are still doing very well. They are ranked #3,076 as the most visited website in the world according to Alexa and #1,843 within the US.

Inmotion Alexa 

Have you heard of InMotion Hosting? A quick introduction.

I have heard of InMotion Hosting for a very long time and I have never considered using them until recent years. I am shocked to discover that they are really good and I hope I have tried them earlier. There are 2 reasons why I have skipped them earlier.

1. They have very complicated offering from dedicated servers to virtual private servers which I don't need. What I need (and what 99% of us need) is shared hosting but they don't call it that. They call it the "Business Class Hosting" instead. But how many of us really operates a business website? I think it is really a bad name.

The "Business Class" hosting is further separated into 3 different plans with lots of different limitations and you will need to spend a lot of time to choose a plan that is right for you. If you have learned about BlueHost, you know they are very straightforward, offering one and only one plan for everyone.

2. I simply don't like the way they design and present their website. There are too many elements and colors. Just too many things going on at the same time. My eyes don't know where to focus and what to read. So usually navigating their website for awhile, I will decided to quit.

But I later found out it is really not that complicated. As I have told you, all you need to do is look at their "Business Class Hosting" which is just a "high class" name for shared hosting. You can definitely host non business oriented sites with this plan. 

InMotion Business Class

In this review I am going to help you to understand their "Business Class Hosting" and help you to choose the best plan. Just ignore dedicated servers and VPS hosting. Wordpress Hosting is EXACTLY the same thing as Business Class hosting. So you don't need to waste your time looking on it.

What's Business Class Hosting?

As mentioned earlier, it is just a "high class" name for shared hosting. It has nothing to do with whether your website is business or non business oriented. Any website is suitable for it. If you are still confused with shared hosting versus other types of hosting such as VPS and dedicated server, you can read my article on different types of web hosting services.

There are 3 different shared Business Class hosting plans - Launch, Power and Pro.

Launch vs Power vs Power - Which one should you choose?

We are not going to look at the Pro plan (the 3rd plan) because it is too expensive ($13.95/month). The 50% discount does not apply to it as well. So we are left with Launch (the 1st plan) and Power (the 2nd plan). The major differences between the 2 are as follow:-

  Launch (1st Plan) Power (2nd Plan)
12 Month $3.98 $7.95   $4.98 $9.95  
24 Month $3.48 $6.95  $4.48 $8.95 
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
Sites/Domains allowed  2 6
Parked Domains  6 26
Subdomains 25 100
MySQL Databases 2 50
FTP Accounts 1,000 2,000
Shopping Carts 0 More than 10 

While both of them offer unlimited disk space and data transfer, the number of websites you can host on each account is limited. You can only host 2 websites with the Launch plan and 6 websites with the Power plan.

Another major difference is the number of MySQL databases. With only 2 allowed with the cheaper Launch plan, it means you can only install 2 scripts using their scripts installer. If you are running 2 WordPress sites on your account, you would have used up the MySQL database allocation. You will have no room to install another script, say a picture gallery or a web analytic script.

Experienced webmaster can install many scripts into the same database but the question is whether you know how to do it yourself? The Power Plan comes with 50 MySQL databases which means you can install up to 8 scripts in each of your website, which is more than enough.

If you have multiple domains for your website (such as,,, you can point them to your main site by using the parked domain feature.

Subdomains are like, Maybe because domain names are very cheap nowadays, we rarely see website using subdomains anymore.

Most of us only need 1 FTP account so 1,000 is considered unlimited.

The Launch plan doesn't allow you to install any shopping cart scripts using their scripts installer. But you can still install them by yourself if you know how to do it because most scripts are actually free and can be easily downloaded online. If you prefer to "click and install", the Power plan allows you to do so with their script installer, which comes with more than 10 shopping carts scripts. Even if they allow you to use the scripts installer, remember that the Launch Plan allows 2 MySQL databases only.

I recommend you to choose the Power plan because I think the Launch plan is too limited, unless you are not planing to own more than 2 websites in the near future and you are very sure you don't need more than 2 MySQL databases.

Why doesn't InMotion Hosting offer unlimited websites hosting just like the competitors?

There is really no such thing as "unlimited" hosting. Each hosting server can only do that much and big websites such as Google and Facebook are powered with thousands of web hosting servers for just a single website. You don't expect them to pay $8.95/month for hosting.

That's why each web host will need to limit their customer in some way. For example, many web hosts that doesn't have a limit on the number of websites will have a limit on the number of files instead. For example, BlueHost has a file limit of 200,000 and HostGator has a file limit of 250,000. InMotion hosting doesn't have a file limit.

99% of us can be satisfied with a simple shared hosting. If you are able to build a website successfully, you can easily switch to InMotion higher offering, i.e. VPS and dedicated servers (or even the Pro plan). At that time, you should be very happy with the money you are making with your website.

How is their customer support?

This is the most important question you need to ask when you research about a web host. It is also one that is most difficult to know by just looking at their website. The biggest surprise I got from InMotion hosting is their customer support. Not only that you get your respond quick but you get it is a very personalized way that you never seen from other web host.

While web hosts such as BlueHost and HostGator deliver excellent support, usually you get very concise and robotic responds. Their staff are trained more to be efficient robots rather than human beings. With InMotion, you get the kind of personal touch and care that you can felt quickly. The reply is longer with more details and they don't look canned (copy and paste).

Most of the time I prefer to dig for answer myself instead of contacting support for everything. You can go to their support center and search their huge knowledgebase. Most of the frequently asked questions are already answered. For example, searching for "free domain" will quickly lead you to the information such as how many years it is free and whether you can get another one if you are transferring an existing name.

Support Center

You can also submit questions to the community and expect a guarantee response within 60 minutes (8am-5pm EST Mon to Fri only). Please use this spatially because community questions are not private! All questions and answers will be made public. That's why the knowledgebase can be so huge. Click here to see some recently asked questions in the community.

If you have any sales related question, use the Live Chat for private session which is instant and doesn't require a wait of 60 minutes. Live Chat is also faster than sending them an email. 

How is their server reliability?

Most server reliability issues in shared hosting are due to other customers sharing the same server using up too many resources. These resources include CPU power, amount of memory and bandwidth. By limiting the number of websites and MySQL databases a customer can host in an account (which seems like a limitation at first) becomes an advantage when it comes to maintaining server reliability. In this case, InMotion hosting will be able to provide faster and better server performance than other "unlimited" web hosts.

What control panel is used by InMotion Hosting?

CPanelIt is cPanel. It is the best web hosting control panel and also the same control panel used by BlueHost, HostGator and JustHost.

The only competitor that worth mentioning is vDeck which is used by web hosts such as iPage and FatCow.

You can try the demo here.

Can you tell me more about their scripts installer?

InMotion are using Softaculous which allows you to install 280 different scripts on my last count! For comparison, SimpleScripts offered by BlueHost and JustHost contains 80 scripts only while HostGator's QuickInstall offers 74 scripts only. Click here for the full list of scripts.


However, it is my duty to remind you that each script require a new MySQL database on its own. So if you are using the cheaper Launch plan, you can only install up to 2 scripts. If you are using Power plan, you can install up to 50 scripts.

Is InMotion Hosting good for WordPress?

Yes! They even go so far to rebrand the entire Business Class hosting as WordPress hosting, create a badge for it in the front page and a dedicated page for for "WordPress Hosting" (click to see). All the features found in the WordPress Hosting is the same as Business Class Hosting. You can install it easily in the control panel.

InMotion WordPress Hosting

How fast can you install a new WordPress? Faster than you send an email!

If you have a wordpress website with or another web hosts, they will also be able to help you transfer it to your new account. Check with them if you plan to do so to see how much they are willing to do.

Will you get a free domain name?

You will get a free domain name for the first year only. You will have to renew it at $12.95 second year onwards.

Can you still get a free domain name if you are using an existing domain name?

Yes! If you are using an existing domain name, you can still register another domain name for free. You will be given a free domain credit and you can use it anytime you want.

Do they offer anytime money back guarantee?

Anytime money back guarantee is rare and is provided by some great web hosts such as BlueHost and HostGator. You can cancel your account anytime and get a pro-rated refund for your unused services.

InMotion Hosting does not offer anytime money back guarantee. However, they backed their service with 90-day money back guarantee. Within the first 90 days of your account activation, you can cancel your account for a full refund. While it is not as good as anytime money back guarantee, it is still significantly better than all other web hosts that offer the standard 30-day money back guarantee.

Your should read the complete refund policy here to understand all the small details and to avoid any surprises. When I read through it, I encounter a very interesting clause that state - Customers who exercise the money back guarantee and use more than 500mb of bandwidth will be charged for such usage. Please contact sales for details.

So I contact sales and ask for details. They told me that it is to protect them from "bandwidth abuser" but they also said there are only 3 instances where they really charge for the bandwidth usage out of 10 years in business.     

Are accounts activated instantly?

Accounts are not activated instantly. According to them, the fastest an account can be activated is 30 minutes because they need to run through a series of verification process. I do not know how those works but I have heard the same from other web hosts such as HostGator. The objective is to hunt for possible fraud. Make sure you have a reachable phone number because it is common for a web host to call in to verify the sale.

Once you account is activated, you will receive an email. This is the simplest "Welcome Email" that I have received after signing up with many different web hosts. I was surprise that there is nothing in it! No DNS settings, no username, no nothing... Actually what they want you to do is to click on a link in that email to setup your new password and login to your AMP (Account Management Panel). Here you can get information on how to setup your DNS settings or click a link to launch CPanel.


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