HostGator Review – The #2 Web Hosting You Can Trust!

Why are there so many HostGator coupons? Which one is the best?

You may have encountered many HostGator coupons being published online but actually they will only give you one of the 3 discounts:-

  1. 25% Discount - Coupon Code: GetTwentyFive
  2. 20% Discount
  3. $0.01 for the first month - Coupon Code: GetOneMonth

No matter how many coupon codes you have seen, they will fall under one of the category above. The 20% discount coupon is the default coupon from HostGator. Anyone can get it because it is automatically embedded in the sign up form. If you want to get 25% discount, you have to type the coupon code manually (i.e. GetTwentyFive).

The $0.01 for the first month discount, although interesting, is pointless because you will end up paying full price after the first month and you will end up saving less than 10% in a year. Since you can always get a refund of your unused hosting anytime your want (more explanation later), you can go ahead and sign up for longer plan to enjoy more savings.

How much savings can I get from using the 25% Coupon Code?

Please remember that your discount is for the first payment term only and will be renewed at regular pricing after that. The longer you pay for the first term, the more you can save.

Hatchling Plan Regular Price
After 25% Discount
12 Month $6.95   ($83.40) $5.21   ($62.55)
24 Month $5.95 ($142.80) $4.46 ($107.10)
36 Month $5.95 ($214.20) $4.46 ($160.65)
Baby Plan Regular Price
After 25% Discount
12 Month $9.95 ($119.40) $7.46   ($89.55)
24 Month $8.95 ($214.80) $6.71 ($161.10)
36 Month $7.95 ($286.20) $5.96 ($214.65)

Should I try HostGator for $0.01 per month?

No, you should not because you will have to pay the regular renewal pricing from the second month onwards which is $6.95 for the one-domain Hatchling plan and $9.95 for the unlimited Baby plan. After a year of hosting, you will end up getting less than 10% discount overall (8.3% to be accurate). The 25% coupon code will give you a significant better deal. With HostGator anytime money back guarantee, you can always get your unused portion of hosting back so your future payment is protected.

HostGator Money Back Guarantee? 45-Day or Anytime?

While HostGator is advertising the 45-Day money back guarantee anywhere in their website, actually they are offering ANYTIME money back guarantee. This can be read in their terms and conditions and will be honored.

This is how it works. If you cancel your account within the first 45 days, you will get a full refund of your hosting fee. If you cancel after the period, you will still get a partial refund depending on how many months you have left unused. This is very straightforward. If you have paid 24 months up front and cancel 10 months later, you will get 14 months of hosting fee back. HostGator has promised to process all refund in only 1 working day with no question asked. All you need to do is fill up the cancelation form here.

You can read about their cancelation policy in the Terms of service Section 6 - Cancelation and Refunds.

What is HostGator verification about?

A lot of HostGator sign up will trigger the verification process. I have to go through it myself too. I am a bit furious at first but later I understand it is a good business practice to protect the internet from more credit card frauds. If you receive an email asking for verification, there are 3 ways to get yourself verified.

The easiest way is to call in to verify. You can have it done in 5 minutes. This is my preferred method and the recommended method to you too.

You can ask them to call you back too BUT I don't like this method because you don't know when they will be calling in. And they can only call using the phone number you have entered when signing up which means they will have problem reaching you if you miss out the area code or country code. You can also ask them to call you back directly while in the live chat so you don't need to wait.

The last method is to email or fax them a copy of your identity card or driving license and the also the credit card you use to make the payment. This is good for those phobias who don't want to speak on phone or those international customer who cannot speak English well or want to save on phone bills.

If you do not want to verify, your account will be automatically canceled in 3 days and a the early credit card transaction will be canceled with a full refund.

Does HostGator offer instant account activation?

Yes, you can login to your control panel instantly after the sign up. You can upload your files, create new email accounts or install a new WordPress blog. However, you account will be suspended an hour later if it trigger the verification requirement stated above. The reason why verification is not requested immediately is because not all customers have to go through it and the "check" that they need to perform will takes at least 30 minutes to run.

So what will trigger the verification request? For example where there is a IP number and country mismatch (signing up with a credit card issued in the US from India), a telephone number mismatch (entering a Los Angeles phone number while signing up from New York), etc. There are many "intelligent" criteria but the worst that can happen is just to make a phone call.

Account that is not verified will be canceled and full refund will be given.

HostGator Hatchling vs Baby, which one should I choose?

If you have not check out my mega comparison chart between the 2 plans, you can do so now. Hatchling allows you to host only 1 website while Baby allows you to host unlimited website. Of course Baby will be more expensive due to this reason.

If  you already owns multiple sites, you choice is easy and you will need the unlimited Baby plan. If you are just starting up and only have 1 website, do sign up with the Hatchling plan. At anytime if you need to host a second website, you can sign up for a new Baby account and cancel the old Hatchling account with partial refund.

Should I consider HostGator Business Plan?

By paying even more, you will get a toll-free number, dedicated IP address and private SSL certificate. You probably don't need to sign up with Business plan straight away unless you are 100% sure you need all of them. You can always top-up to get any of them even if you are using Baby plan. However, you are not allow to purchase any of them if you are using Hatchling plan.

How Unlimited is HostGator "Unlimited" Hosting?

HostGator plans are more expensive than the competitors. And because of this, we will expect better service and quality from them. This is correct that from my observation, they host significantly less accounts in 1 server compare to the competitors. Other web hosts might have host more than 2,000 websites in a server while I notice they will host less than 500 in 1 server. However, because we do not know the exact server specification, we cannot simply judge that 2,000 websites in 1 server is overloading and 500 is not because different server can afford different load. But still, there is least chance your server can be compromised by other customers sharing the same server if you are sharing it will less people.

HostGator has very clear limits to their "unlimited" hosting plan, stated in their terms of service Section 7 Resource Usage. For example, you cannot exceed 250,000 files in your account. If you exceed 100,000 files in your account, you will be removed from the backup system (However database will still be backup).  A standard WordPress installation with some plugins and themes take up less than 2,000 files which means you can be easily running 50 WordPress sites with backup still running.

Will I get a free domain name? Should I get my domain name from HostGator?

Unfortunately not. You will have to pay $15 for it if you need one. You will also need to renew it for $15/year after that. I suggest that you register your domain name elsewhere to save a few bucks. Read my article where to get cheap domain names.

If you are registering your domain name elsewhere, you can easily link your domain name to your HostGator account by just changing the DNS setting in your domain registrar control panel. You will only be receiving your correct DNS setting after your sign up with HostGator so you won't be able to set it when you are registering your domain name. Just leave it as default or empty.

How is HostGator customer support?

HostGator provides the best customer support for all the web hosts that I have ever used. Be it live chat or email or phone, all their staff are professional trained and waiting time is minimum. All my issues are resolved to 100% satisfaction. The reason I am willing to pay more for HostGator instead of the competitors is because of their exceptional customer support. If you insist on only the best customer support, HostGator is the choice.

Is HostGator using CPanel?

Yes. Just like BlueHost and other popular web hosts, HostGator is using CPanel control panel which is also my favorite. It is better than vDeck and Plesk. 

Does HostGator offer scripts installer?

HostGator QuickInstallHostGator is using QuickInstall which is developed by themselves. It is the fastest installer I have ever used because you don't even need to reload your page to install a script! Not only QuickInstall will install new scripts at ease, they can also be used to update your scripts to the newest version when available.

Currently 74 scripts are available.

  • Life Type
  • WordPress
  • b2evolution
  • concrete5
  • Drupal 6
  • Drupal 7
  • e107
  • glFusion
  • Hotaru
  • Joomla
  • live Site
  • Mambo
  • Modx
  • Nucleus
  • ocPortal
  • Open Atrium
  • PHP-Nuke
  • phpwcms
  • Pligg
  • Saurus CMS
  • Textpattern
  • Tiki
  • Trendy Site Builder
  • Typo3
  • Xoops
  • Zikula
  • WebCalendar
  • Crafty Syntax
  • phpFreeChat
  • X7 Chat
  • DewNewPHPLinks
  • Magento
  • phpCOIN
  • Presta Shop
  • SugarCRM
  • TomatoCart
  • vtiger CRM
  • ZenCart
  • Claroline
  • Moodle
  • Mahara
  • Advanced Electron Forum
  • bbPress
  • NyBB
  • phpBB
  • punBB
  • Simple Machines Forum
  • 4images
  • Coppermine
  • Gallery
  • Pwigo
  • Pixelpost
  • Zenphoto
  • Lazarus
  • Dada Mail
  • phpList
Project Management
  • dotProject
  • PHProjekt
  • Z-Push
Social Networking
  • Elgg
  • Jcow
  • Oxwall
  • MantisBT
  • OpenDocMan
  • osTicket
  • phpMyFAQ
  • Advanced Poll
  • LimeSurvey
  • phpESP
  • MediaWiki
  • PmWiki
  • Wikka

Do you know they will help you to move your site for free?

HostGator is the only shared web host that is willing to help you to move your site for free. This is not a common industry practice because moving a hosting account is a tedious job. Most of our internet connection has very fast download speed but very slow upload speed so uploading a few GB of data to your new hosting account is not fun. This is where HostGator and step in and help you to move your contents from your old host to your new account. They will even help you to move your database and change the basic configuration so your website will be "mostly" working after the transfer.

For more information, you can read their detail description.

Do you know you can choose your own username with HostGator?

HostGator UsernameAll shared hosts that I have ever used assign me a auto generated username. Some looks cool but some are just bullshit. Some usernames are derived from your domain name, some are totally random. For my domain name, imagine a username such as "webhice26" or "ckwebhos32". It will get worst when there is a hyphen in your domain name. Not only you need to login with your username, all your databases and database users will have the username appended to them becoming something like webhice26_mywordpressdatabase and webhice26_mydatabaseuser so that means you will need to type it a lot.

When you host with HostGator, take the opportunity to choose a username that is short and easy to type. It can be as short as only 2 characters! How cool it is to have a username such as "me" or "ice".

Why is HostGator rated as #3 and not #1 or #2?

It is about the wallet. While they are the best in everything, they are not in pricing. It doesn't even include a free domain name. And due to my job as a web developer, I am not operating 2 or 3 sites but a few dozens! So I need to consider pricing carefully. And since BlueHost is offering exceptional service quality too with far cheaper pricing, they deserve to be #1.  But I do have accounts with all the top web hosts I review here and I am very satisfied with all of them.

The Top 4 Hosts
Number of Websites Unlimited 2 6 1 Unlimited Unlimited
12 Month $5.95 $3.98 $4.98 $5.21 $7.46 $4.95
24 Month $4.95 $3.48 $4.48 $4.46 $6.71 $3.95
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